Selim(GB) 栗 1802-1825

父:Buzzard(GB) 栗 1787
母: Alexander Mare(GB) 鹿 1790 (牝系2-n)

母は名牝Alexander Mare。

Selim (1802 – 1825) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse.

He was owned by the Prince of Wales, D. Radcliffe and later Arthur Shakespear.
After retiring from racing he became a successful stallion and was British Champion sire in 1814.
His progeny included Azor, Medora, Sultan and Turquoise.

Bred by General Sparrow, he was sold to the Prince of Wales as a three-year old.
Described as a horse of great quality and majesty, he was given to Colonel Leigh at the dispersal of the Prince’s stable. His dam Alexander Mare (b f 1790) was the modern taproot mare of Family 2-n, and produced Castrel (ch c 1801), the Oaks winner Bronze (br f 1803), and the Champion Sire Rubens (ch c 1805). He won six races at all distances, including the Craven Stakes and the Newmarket Oatlands Stakes.

Selim went to stud in 1809 at Six-Mile Bottom, near Newmarket, for a fee of 10gs. In 1810 he moved to Newmarket commanding a fee of 20gs and remained there until 1819 although in later later years his fee declined to 10gs. From 1820 onwards he covered at Oxcroft, near Newmarket, first for 12gs then for 10gs. In 1825 he was advertised to stand at Bildeston, near Hadleigh, Suffolk, for 30gs but was unable to cover.

A great success in the stud, he sired six classics winners:
the Derby winner Azor (ch c 1814), the Oaks winners Medora (ch f 1811) and Turquoise (br f 1825), the Two Thousand Guineas winners Nicolo (ch c 1820) and Turcoman (br c 1824), and the One Thousand Guineas winner Selim Filly (br f 1812). Probably his most influential offspring was Sultan (b c 1816) a Derby second and Champion Sire.

Selim was Champion Sire in 1814.
In 1806 won a 50gs match at Brighton, beating Mr R Ladbroke’s Wormwood (br c 1802 Young Woodpecker). Won the 150gs Oatlands at Newmarket Second October, beating Lord Foley’s Captain Absolute (ch c 1799 John Bull), Sir C Bunbury’s Lydia (b f 1802 Whiskey) and 1 other.

In 1807 won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, beating Sir Hedworth Williamson’s Walton (b c 1799 Sir Peter Teazle), Mr Blackford’s Currycomb (b c 1802 Buzzard), Lord Rous’ Jerboa (b f 1803 Gohanna) and 7 others. Finished 2nd for a £50 purse at the same meeting, won by Lydia, beating 7 others. Collected 100gs forfeit from a 200gs match at Newmarket First October from Mr Fermor’s Hippomenes (b c 1802 Pegasus). Won the Oatlands at Newmarket Second October, beating HRH the Duke of York’s Gaiety (br c 1802 Gouty), Captain Absolute and 2 others.

In 1808 Selim running for Mr Arthur Shakespeare won a 200gs match at Newmarket Craven, beating Lydia (b f 1802 Whiskey). Lost a 200gs match at Newmarket Second Spring to the Duke of York’s Tim (gr c 1803 Whiskey) who was carrying “a feather”. Lost a 200gs match at Newmarket First October to Lord Grosvenor’s celebrated Violante (b f 1802 John Bull). This was his final race.